All Star Registration

By registering your dancer, you are committing to a FULL season of competitive dance. If you do not finish out the full season, you will still owe for all lessons, competitions, costumes and any other costs associated with the season. Please be sure that you have filled out the waiver and policy sheet for this season (below). All payments, deposits and fundraisers are non-transferrable and non-refundable

Competitions require we pay deposits upfront to secure our spots. It is becoming more and more difficult for us to cover these deposits so early in the season (normally August/September/October). Therefore, a payment of $25 per dancer will be due when you register for the season. This is a DEPOSIT that you will get credit for on your competition account. It is not a fee. Your registration will be complete once you have paid the $25 per dancer COMPETITION DEPOSIT.

The season starts SEPTEMBER 13th. We expect our All Star dancers to begin classes on September 13th so we can be sure to have the most productive season possible. All classes, solos, duos, trios must be paid for, even if missed, beginning on September 13th. Please be sure to register your dancer As soon as possible.

Our first competition of the season will be with routines that our dancers have just performed in our SPOTLIGHT last June. If your dancer was in a routine and would like to compete that routine, they MUST take the class for the entire season (including new routine and new competition). It is too difficult to have dancers in and out of the class. Again, they MUST commit to the whole season in order to do the first competition. We will be doing NEW routines and costumes for our second competition and our SPOTLIGHT in June. We hope that things will return to normal this season but we will do our best!

Ballet Classes are on a first-come basis. Once a day or time is filled, you will have to choose another Ballet class. Solo, Duo, Trio times may also effect Ballet availability for your dancer.

Production class can only be selected if your dancer is a Senior, Teen or Small Fry or if you received a message about the class.

Team Tap class can be selected if your dancer took the class last season or received an email about the class

Solo, Duo, Trio should only be selected if your dancer had a Solo, Duo, Trio last season. We just want to be sure that you are still interested in taking the class

Comment section- Please let us know if you have any scheduling issues or concerns as well as any requests etc we cannot guarantee that we can grant requests.

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