Dance Attitudes Costuming and Awards Form

  • With much thought and consideration, we have decided to stop our perfect attendance program, this is out of an abundance of caution with sickness. As always, we ask that you use your judgement and never send your child to the studio ill. If they have a fever please make sure they are fever free without any symptoms for 48 hours before sending them back to the studio. All lessons must be paid for even if missed.

    All of our dancers will still be receiving a neck medal to recognize their hard work and accomplishment!

    With the current guidelines we will be asking you to please measure your dancer and fill out the chart below for the ordering of costumes. Please keep in mind that costumes do not come true to size and many of them will need small alterations.

    Follow these simple tips when you're ready to take body measurements.

    • Have your dancers wear undergarments or a lightweight leotard with a bra that gives the bust line its typical shape for most accurate measurements.
    • Have your dancer stand straight with their weight evenly distributed.
    • The measurement tape should be snug but not too tight on circumference measurements and stretched tight for vertical measurements.

Getting the Measurements

  • measurements
    • Girth – Girth is the most important measurement when determining size! To measure girth, place a tape measure at the top of the shoulder where a leotard strap sits, then down through the crotch and back to the same shoulder. Measuring tape should be close to the body but not tight.
    • Bust/Chest – Measure over the fullest part of your chest with your arms relaxed at your sides.
    • Waist – Measure around where your waist naturally indents. Keep your finger between the tape and your belly.
    • Hips – Measure around the fullest part of the hips and buttocks while standing with your heels together.
    • Inseam – Measure from the crotch to the bottom. The inseam length is the number of inches, to the nearest half-inch.
    • Although we recommend a cloth measuring tape, you can also measure your dancer (s) with a string or ribbon and then measure that with a utility measuring tape. You are responsible for the measurements you submit, please be sure they are accurate.