2020 PreDance Registration Form

Our staff cannot hold your dancer’s hand to help them into class. Dancers will have to come into class on their own. Our staff will keep contact to a minimum, but we may to need to assist them with tying and changing shoes and washing hands etc. All parties will sanitize before and after such contact.

We would prefer our staff not assist your dancer using the bathroom. Please have your dancer use the bathroom before coming to the studio. If they ask to use the bathroom, we will bring them to the waiting area for you to assist them. If you are not there, we will help them if needed.

Waiting room seating will be very limited. Please no extra guests/siblings. Please one parent/guardian per dancer or team up with another family and tag-team the waiting area each week.

We have brought back our “Acro” classes for our PreDancers. The class involves our staff spotting and assisting dancers as well as using shared equipment. All dancers will sanitize before and after any contact. We have plans to space out dancers and limit class sizes so this registration will be essential for us to do so.

  • Please know that by registering with us, you are committed to that class through the season until our show.
  • You will also have to sign our new “Waiver and Policies” form once you complete this form, you will be redirected upon form completion.
  • Registration is $20 per dancer per season (for new students) Payments are available via Venmo. All registration fees are non-refundable.

Beginning November 2020, lessons are $8 per 45 minute class. $7 per 30 minute class.



Parent / Guardian