Dance Attitudes Studio policy change - effective 4/1/2021 As stated in our policies, our policies are subject to change at any time. The pandemic has caused many things to change. This is especially true for small businesses. The events over the past year have forced us to reconsider how we structure shows/tickets/fees etc. in the past, as stated in our policies, each dance family was required to sell (or purchase) 5 Recital tickets that totaled $100. This was to help pay for the costs of the show. However, this method will simply not work anymore. We are not sure if we can even have a live audience for shows so ticket sales may not be possible. Therefore, effective on 4/1/2021, each dance family will be required to pay a flat fee of $75 to assist with costs of Recital. This will not be in exchange for tickets, DVDs or livestreams. Tickets (if any) will be purchased separately. This is common practice at all dance studios (most fees are much higher). This fee will be due no later than June 1st 2021. Thank you for your understanding. We can’t wait to see your dancer shine on stage!

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